Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Bag Page

Many years ago, my twin and I made a pact to take a photo of the contents of our bag in the style of The Bag Page from Urban. But we never got around to it until yesterday, when my twin issued a stern command for me to get to it. So here it is. The contents of my very messy bag, containing:

-  A Readers' Digest which I have been carrying around in my bag just in case I get stuck waiting for a train and have nothing to read.
- A travel guide in a padded envelope because I still haven't found the solution to prevent book corners from getting shredded from banging against the many things in my bag
- A pile of crumpled receipts. My bag is a portable trash can.
- A pack of tissue paper sponsored by hair revival salon Beijing 101.
- A wet serviette taken home from a restaurant
- A thumbdrive for donno what reason
- House keys attached to a lanyard for easy retrieval
- A namecard from donno where
- Toy cars that I forgot to remove from my bag after an outing with the Babycrat
-A plastic key of some sort from one of his toy sets
- My staff pass
- Two small canisters of Vitamin C. Why two? I donno
- My handy shopping bag, for impromptu trips to NTUC
- A lightweight umbrella which I now constantly carry because I am increasingly becoming auntie-fied
- A small milk bottle which I use to carry milk (cow's) to the office to make teh-si with
- A sweater, because while Singapore's climate is tropical, the temperature in places such as Cold Storage and empty SBS buses is arctic

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