Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Sundays that I'm working, the Resident Bureaucrat will look after the Babycrat. He doesn't know what to do with the Babycrat, who has an insatiable need to be entertained, so he will take the Babycrat to indulge in one of Singaporeans' favourite pastimes - viewing condo showflats. (Got no money to buy also never mind.)

The Babycrat has viewed so many showflats, he has become an old hand of sorts. He know that he must take off his shoes at the entrance, and is able to recognise a condo in development just by the advertising signs on the construction hoarding. He also coined his own term for condo showflats, calling them "condo shop", because that's where you go to buy a condo, right? 

One of his favourite phrases is "Papa buy condo!" because for some reason, he thinks he has been born into a 豪门 and that his Papa will buy a condo unit with any old amount of loose change. The usual reply will be: "Papa has no money. Do you have any?"

To which he will reply: No. 

Just last week, he requested his Papa to buy him a condo again to which, the Resident Bureaucrat again asked: "Do you have money?"


"Then how are you going to pay for it?"

"I have card!" the Babycrat chirped

Not exactly the right kind of values I was hoping he would pick up. (And I certainly hope he didn't learn that from us, because in that case, we have some serious introspection to do.)

For everything else, there's Visa.

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