Friday, February 18, 2011

Me: I was reading online reviews about this hotel and someone wrote: "The bathroom was dirty. There was 'downstairs hair' on the bathtub."

My twin: hahahahahahahaha

Me: Then armpit hair is mezzanine hair.

Me: Hair on your head is penthouse hair.

My twin: Then what is nose hair?

Me: Balcony hair.

My twin: Chest hair is lobby hair.

Me: Hahahahahahahahahahah

My twin: Leg hair is basement hair.

Me: Hahahahahahahahhah

Me: I can't believe I'm having this discussion with you and finding it funny!

My twin: I'm snorting

The next day:
Me: Can you believe, last night, when i thought about our lobby hair conversation, i started laughing again

Me: Why am i so easily amused by stuff as puerile as this??? hahahahhahahah

My twin: Its not puerile! we are comic geniuses!

(We are also deluded.)


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