Thursday, February 10, 2011

In a previous post, I said that I discovered the Babycrat is a Chinaman who wants to eat only white rice. That is not true anymore. The Babycrat no longer wants to eat white rice. He no longer wants to eat, for that matter.

Mealtimes with him have become a battle in which he tries his best to avoid having the spoon come in contact with his mouth, while simultaneously attempting to sweep the food off the spoon with his arms swinging wildly. Managing to overturn his bowl of food scores him extra points.

On good days, he will deign to eat a few teaspoons of oatmeal, some bites of banana, several small mouthfuls of rice and maybe a few sips of soup. On bad days, what I manage to spoon into his mouth gets spat out immediately, or, more accurately, blown out of his mouth with a loud pfffft. (Just imagine a woodchipper at work.)

Initially, I thought he was tired of the porridge he had been eating. (Although I think his porridge is delicious; I would eat it myself.) So I tried feeding him different foods such as banana, avocado, tofu, bread, teddy biscuits, pasta, peas, corn, carrot, potato.


It was to be nil by mouth. My son wants to be a 神仙. (And no, he doesn't drink a lot of milk either.)

Then I realised he was not having issues with the food I served him. He was having issues with the fact that I was serving him food. This is because the Babycrat will just as happily chew on a piece of plastic as he will suck on a price tag peeled off a book. (And then when I attempt to dig out the non-food object he's been eating, he will bite down very hard on my finger in protest, leaving two neat and tiny rows of teeth marks.)

And oh, he loves to lick the floor too.

And yet the lack of food intake does not seem to have dulled his energy one bit. Constantly, he whirls around the house, toddling as fast as his legs will take him, pulling objects off the shelves, flinging toys around, opening and slamming drawers, destroying things in general.

My conclusion: My baby is powered by air and solar energy. (It's photosynthesis, says Ms C. I couldn't agree more.)


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