Thursday, November 11, 2010

Panic stations! I realised that at the ripe old age of 10 months, the Babycrat has yet to receive a single shichida, kumon, abacus, phonics, music, Japanese language, baby sign or speech and drama lesson! He hasn't been enrolled in swimming or baby gym sessions! He hasn't been sent for any right-brain, left-brain, mid-brain or no-brain training!

In fact, I haven't even bought a single flashcard pack or a Baby Einstein DVD! All his toys are old-fashioned non-electronic gadgets which do not have flashing lights and bleeping noises designed to stimulate his visual, auditory and cognitive development! I haven't taken him to the SSO Baby Proms! He hasn't even been listening to Mozart! He hasn't been put on the waiting list for a prestigious playschool either! Never mind that he can't talk, or even walk yet!

Because he didn't receive the headstart in life that his same-age peers are getting, he's going fail his PSLE, drop out of school and wind up working as a garbageman! He'll earn a minimum wage, be unable to find a wife and turn to drink to drown his despair, eventually dying a lonely alcoholic! His body will be found half-eaten by an Alsatian!

A life ruined all because his lazy, irresponsible parents didn't bother to send him for early enrichment classes! Why bother having children if they don't want to bring them up well? Such people should be sterilised by law! Bad parents!

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