Thursday, July 01, 2010

It was a sultry Sunday night when six girls and one boy gathered at the very retro Ship Restaurant in celebration of hot celebrity Tony Leung's 48th birthday.

Dressed up in their finery, most guests appeared as characters in the veteran actor's films, and cheongsams of many colours and splendour graced the event.

Ms W was quietly elegant in her dark velvet cheongsam with dazzling silver threads running down the form-fitting outfit, Ms M supplied her own prop of a tiffin carrier as the reincarnation of Su Lizhen from In The Mood For Love, Ms C wore on her finger a ring as big as a 鸽子蛋 from Lust, Caution and Crazy Pink Lady swirled around in her Marilyn Monroe-styled dress.

The be-vested Mr B, the only thorn among the roses, was as dapper as they came, and was a doppleganger of the suave Mr Yee from Lust, Caution.

Appearing as Guest Of Honour was a standee of Tony Leung, all towering 1.75m of him. (Although it was said that the workers at the standee factory got his height wrong and cast him as a 1.85m figure instead. But that was not an issue with the guests, as it only meant more of him to fuss over.)

As the protective wrapping was removed from Standee Tony to squeals of excitment, party guests clamoured around to have their photos taken with him amid the standard photocall refrain of "Tony, look here! Tony, a photo! Smile, Tony, smile!"

The flurry of the unveiling over, guests settled down to partake of the birthday feast, watched over by Standee Tony. First up was a piping hot dish of escargots, gently floating in a lake of melted butter, minced garlic and herbs.

Next up was the main course of Ship Steak, a delicious cut of tenderloin dished up in a hot plate and flambe-d right in front of the guests, who were instructed to shield themselves with their napkins. The tongues of fire that leapt from the dish had the guests squealing and cowering in fear for their eyebrows. But overall, it was agreed all round that the flames served as a delicious little course of amusement.
As the guests savoured their dinner and lively banter on topics revolving Tony was batted around, the empty dishes were cleared away and dessert was had. And then, it was time for the climax of the night - the birthday cake.

The cake, a confection of both dark and white chocolate, was brought out, appreciative comments were offered, candles were lit, cameras were whipped out again and, led by Ms M and Ms W, the party guests burst into a rowdy rendition of the Happy Birthday song in Cantonese, unabashedly ignoring puzzled stares from other diners.

Amid applause, Ms C blew out the candles in lieu of Tony the man himself and the cake was cut up and served, after which, the fun really began. Taking turns to carry Standee Tony, the guests strutted along the corridors of Shaw Towers, stopping intermittently to pose Tony and get photos taken with him.

Asked by the amused captain of the Ship Restaurant, who was passing by, as to whether they were movie directors, Ms M saucily replied: "We escaped from Woodbridge."

Merry laughter, exhortations of good luck and take care, and replies of thank yous were exchanged between the captain and the guests, as they merrily continued with their shenanigans.

Excitement generated more excitement, and wild ideas piled upon one another. Oh, such fun they had!

If standee Tony could speak, he would boast of his wonderful adventures, of being made to take flight as the guests took their famous jumping shots, of standing in a taxi queue, of queueing up at an ATM, of crossing the traffic light at Scotts Road. Standee Tony was also posed next to Smoking Bunny, who offered him a drag of her ciggie. The other guests were tickled and suitably scandalised all at once.

Finally, the hijinks with Standee Tony culminated at the Orchard Underpass as the guests wound down the night with a final series of jumping shots.

"I'm so hot!" panted Crazy Pink Lady with a big grin, after her third or fourth jump in the non-airconditioned underpass under Wheelock Place.

As the guests finally parted ways, everyone agreed that the party was a scream and was truly a night to remember.

(Someone pointed out that I have posted more pictures on facebook of the Tony Birthday Party than of the Babycrat. Guilty as charged.)

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