Friday, June 25, 2010

Alfie is the funniest person I've ever known and when he leaves his comments on my photos or facebook statuses, they are so funny the only thing I can say is "hahahaha" because nothing I say will even sound remotely clever next to what he says.

They are so funny, I want to immortalise them. So this is the start of occasional posts called "Alfie Says...", dedicated to Alfieisms.

Here are some to start off with:

My facebook status: K bought a book from one of those makeshift book stalls at a shopping mall. The book looked new and was wrapped up in plastic. When she got home and opened up the book, a newspaper cutting of an obituary floated out from inside. This is not good.
Alfie says: Wow. 2 endings for the price of one. This is not bad.
Ms T says: Alfie cracks me up again!
Alfie says: alamak! and here i thought i was putting forth a little demonstration of structuralist semiotics and dialogism... my timing must be way off. haha... just kidding! :D

My facebook status: What's worse than having a baby poo on you while you're still changing his soiled diaper? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Alfie says: That's why it's the parents' job to make a teenager's life a living hell. Oh revenge will be sweet...Res BBC: "Why can't i go for a movie with my friends?"
You: "Because last time you pang sai on me.";D
Ms C says: i've been hit in the eye by pee before.
Alfie says: C, we talking about babies. This is no forum for the kinky stuff. Baby shower, not golden shower.

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