Monday, May 17, 2010

Me: I've never got around to asking you this. I know you hate baby corn. But do you like adult corn?

The Resident Bureaucrat: I don't mind baby corn. I can eat it, I can don't eat it.

Me: If you don't mind baby corn, why do you always give your share to me?

The Resident Bureaucrat: You like baby corn, so I give you more.

Me: I don't like baby corn, I just don't mind it. I also can eat it, can don't eat it. So do you actually like baby corn?

The Resident Bureaucrat: The adult corn tastes sweeter.

Me: So do you like adult corn?

The Resident Bureacrat: I don't mind it.

Me: What do you mean by you don't mind it? Do you like it or not?

The Resident Bureaucrat: It's okay.

Me: I think you've been working in the civil service for too long.

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