Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today I realised with a start that for the past two-plus months, the things I say to the Resident Bureaucrat go along these lines:

"Today, I managed to pump 120ml from the left side alone! Yesterday when I pumped, I got only 30ml from the same side. That day, the right one produced more though."

"Ah boy pooped today. Quite a bit."

"He peed on me when I was bathing him. Then, he farted into his bath water. Can see bubbles coming out. Then later, he peed into the bathtub!"

And the best part is that the Resident Bureaucrat listens with rapt attention to all the mundanities I spew.

I'm sure before this, we had lively conversations and intellectual debates about world and social affairs, politics and economics, culture and the arts. Okay, maybe not. But still...

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milky way said...

haha, the conversations gets better! NOT