Saturday, March 20, 2010

To compensate the crab dinner which I missed because I was busy giving birth to the Babycrat, I jumped at another invitation* to eat seafood in Pengerang** in Johor.

Intent on replicating our Melaka food trip, our first stop that rainy morning was for wanton mee and chee cheong fun that was freshly steamed and served up on the spot.

The wanton mee was not bad, and the chee cheong fun was great.

Then, we hopped to another coffeeshop for bak kut teh.

Our order of bak kut teh, which consists of not only bak kut in an aromatic herb-y soup, also came with beancurd skin, pig intestines and enoki mushrooms. We also ordered a separate pot of liver cooked "just right", and it was declared to be world class.

With a name like that, how could you resist ordering the drink just to try it? (It turned out to be a sour plum drink. Not bad.)

And then, it was on to our seafood lunch. But of course.

This plate of lala came steamed with garlic. I could not eat seafood***, but those who tried it swore the shellfish was done to perfection; sweet, with just a hint of the sea.

Salted egg yolk crab. While I did not eat the crab, I did lick the salted egg yolk of the crab shell. I like salted egg yolk very much.

Our poor lobster victims-to-be feebly waving their feelers in the tank, going "help me, help me!"

I guess help didn't come in time for them. This dish of steamed lobster was so good, even I had to eat it. Seafood ban be damned. (We also ordered a dish of butter lobster, but that one was disappointingly unbuttery. Sad face.)

And then, to top it off, our final bill came up to less than S$25 per person for the close-to-10-course meal, including beer. So it was a happy ending. Except for the lobsters.

*Thanks to MS, who organised the trip.

**To get to Pengerang, take the bumboat from Changi jetty, the same place where you board the boat to Pulau Ubin. Get there early, because there appears to be only two 12-seater bumboats plying the one-hour journey to Pengerang, and waiting for the next available ride can take more than an hour. Remember your passport.

On reaching Pengerang, catch a cab at the jetty into town. The fare should cost RM20 per vehicle.

I don't have the address for the chee cheong fun/wanton mee and bak kut teh coffeeshops, but Pengerang is so small, just ask the cabby about it. Ditto the seafood restaurant.

***I am not supposed to eat seafood because I had just given birth and seafood is toxic. So what was I doing on a seafood-eating trip? To eat the bak kut teh, of course.


Anonymous said...

Gonna go there with my family soon after looking at all the porn foodish pictures ;)


peanut butter wolf said...

Bring big appetite (and passport)!