Saturday, February 27, 2010

One day shortly after he turned one month old, I took the Babycrat back to the office. We were immediately swarmed by colleagues squealing "so cute!" and "he really looks like his father!".

I was totally ignored in the melee.

No one asked after me. No one said "hey, you're looking good" (although in all likelihood, it was probably because I wasn't looking good. Late night feedings do this to you.) For that matter, I'm not sure anyone really knew I was there.

And as further proof of my deposed former status, all the photos that were shot of me and the Babycrat that day showed me as a headless and bodyless something-or-other, the sedan carrier, the mere vehicle of conveyance for the Babycrat.

(Photo by MS).

Wrinkly old milkbags, stand one side!

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Anonymous said...

well... nice hand. and i really mean yours, not babycrat's (ooooh! look at his face! look at that pout! ooooh!).