Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the Resident Babycrat (thanks, Alfie!), who totally resembles the Resident Bureaucrat and nothing like me at all, much to my dismay. But I hope he doesn't inherit my brains.

I sometimes can't believe he's out, especially when, one day post-pregnancy, I was still feeling phantom limbs moving around in my tummy, like he never left.


Anonymous said...

So cute! And so happy for you!


orangeclouds said...

congratulations keng yao! what a cute little resident baby-crat :) will pump you for his real name another time.

p.s. I think after a few weeks one can dispense with the confinement food. That's what my sis did after she gave birth. Shhh, don't tell our mum. ~clare

peanut butter wolf said...

Jac: Thks!

Clare: I want to do what your sis did too; I'm all gingered out!

babelicious said...

welcome and congrats! - Lyd

Anonymous said...

i want to comprain. somehow, stupid bloglines stopped showing updates from your blog for months and i was secretly wondering if impending motherhood HAD changed you - into a boring, introverted mummy-to-be. suspected something only when i saw what tpl wrote on her blog about your labour. thank goodness you're still you! now i have so much reading to catch up on~~~

the dinner lady

peanut butter wolf said...

lyd: thks!

dinner lady: Welcome back, now I have all my 6 readers again!

alfie said...

Ah.. just saw this.
Congrats. Nice pics.
And the Resident Babycrat would be lucky to inherit your brains... er no offense to the original RB.