Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is calm before the storm. And I don't know what to do in between waiting for the action to start, so we did the natural thing and went to eat dim sum at Victor's Kitchen (91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-21). Highly recommended because it's yummy!

(And after all, who knows how long it will be before I can eat junk again.)

Gratuitious food shots coming up:

Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun is nice enough already, but when it's pan fried till it's crispy and fragrant, mmmmm.

Custard milk buns, which actually look better than they taste.

This tastes like soon kway filled with chives except that its transclucent skin is chewy and soft and so different. When topped with the home-made XO sauce served there, can die one lor.

Water chestnut kueh, sticky, chewy, sweet and with a tinge of fresh lemon fragrance. I like!


Anonymous said...

I was there two weeks ago! Positive!! Its damn good! Try their Hong Kong Summer Iced Milk die for mann


peanut butter wolf said...

Jac, I tried!! mmmmmmmmm