Friday, January 01, 2010

"Dem, me thinks I had one too many buffets."

010110 and no baby.

While waiting, I decided to take stock of things and asked the Resident Bureaucrat to help measure my waistline.

He said: "Where's your waist?"

Which was my cue to launch into my "it's-all-your-fault" tirade, where I blame him for everything from stretchmarks to the 4am treks to the loo to there being nothing good showing on TV. After all, it's always the man's fault, right.

Anyway, here at the latest stats.
Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 40 inches - or a shocking 1 metre.
Hips: 41 inches (measured using an industrial 5-metre tape measure, given that the Ikea tape measure taken from the store stops at 1 metre.)
The widest part of my tummy: 42.5 inches (Ditto)

Quite the bikini beauty.

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milky way said...

haha don't worry it will go away :)