Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At slightly more than two weeks old, the Babycrat has developed the most annoying eating pattern. After feeding for about 5 or 10 minutes, he will fall asleep at the breast and nothing I do will wake him and make him continue feeding. Not tickling, not changing diapers, not taking off his mittens and booties to make him cold.

I can think of far more drastic measures to rouse him, but they border on child abuse so I don't think I will be resorting to those.

The only thing that wakes him, really, is taking him off my breast and putting him back into his cot. He will wait for me to go and start doing whatever I want to do (such as showering, eating a much-delayed meal, going to the toilet to empty the bladder I have been holding for the past hour while attending to him), then he will burst into loud, rowdy crying, signalling that he wants to continue feeding.

As you can imagine, this is driving me crazy, especially when it happens in the middle of the night and all I want to do is to go back to sleep after feeding him.

I have no idea where he inherited this sleepy trait from; it's true that both his parents like to have a lie in on weekends, but at least we don't fall asleep while eating a buffet and then cry when our plates are cleared away.

I was so frustrated one day, I thought about taking the Babycrat back to the hospital and asking for a refund. But I was sure the hospital staff would laugh in my face and say: "Caveat emptor!"

So I'm keeping him for now.

And they tell me things will get better. I seriously hope so.


Anonymous said...

"at least we don't fall asleep while eating a buffet and then cry when our plates are cleared away." - gem of a line, hahaha!

(yay, bloglines started showing your feeds again!)

dinner lady

Anonymous said...

somehow all mothers just manage to do with less sleep... but trust me.. more challenges on the way, so you are just being geared up for it - Lyd