Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A while ago, I went for a prenatal class held in an intimate small-group setting, during which we were made to share with the group our fears about labour and our emotional motivations for being in the class. Emotional motivations, mind you. It was not enough to just say I wanted to take this class to learn how to have a smooth labour. It had to be about my innermost heartfelt reasons for wanting a smooth labour.

All that deep sharing with strangers made me feel like I was in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, except this is Pregnant Women Anonymous.

(Me: "Hello everyone, I'm K and I'm a pregnant woman!"
Everyone: "Hello, K!")

That session was hard. I have no fear of labour (at least not that I know of. Maybe I'm in denial). My only fear, really, is that I will go hungry during labour.

But during the class, I found myself caving in to group pressure and blathering all sorts of stuff peppered with words such as "empowerment".

(Actually, after that scary session, the class turned out to be really quite useful after all.)

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to eat during labour*. How is one supposed to do such hard work on an empty stomach anyway? As it is, if it's nearing lunchtime at work and I don't get food, I get cranky and my productivity plunges to near zero.

I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, but the first thing that's going in a box of chicken biscuits, which I bought a few weeks ago, and which sits temptingly on my kitchen counter now. I've stayed off chicken biscuits for a good three years (yay, me!), but I figure being in labour is a special enough occasion to warrant such a treat. Not a wise thing to do, of course. But then, I'm not a wise person.

Other assorted food items that will be going into the bag will be a six-pack milo, and probably some chocolate.

I know I'm treating this labour thing like I'm going for a picnic. But might as well make the best of the situation.

And you never go wrong with food.

*I may or may not have an appetite come labour day, but my motto when it comes to food is: "Be prepared".


crummb said...

eh darling, i dont think you are ALLOWED to eat during labour leh. because, when you start pushing, EVERYTHING will come out! in fact, before labour started, i was given an enema to empty my bowels so i wont end up emptying it on my gynae! and i remember i was TOTALLY famished at the end of the ordeal (and STILL cannot eat because i was on some drip or something). leave those chocs at home man.. :P

peanut butter wolf said...

crummb, I just asked my gynae, he says can eat! Yay!

milky way said...

:P I was famished after the birth (used up all energy for screaming and pain!), wished i had those snacks with me. All they gave me were sandwiches.

crummb said...

CAN EAT???!!! how come i wasn't allowed to eat??? that's it. gonna hammer my gynae at the next appointment. hmph