Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My twin and I do a detailed analysis on the science of the appetite:

Me: Can you believe how nuah i am. im hungry but i cannot get up to go buy food! and i cant even decide wat to eat!

My twin: hahahahhaha yes, sometimes i will try to imagine eating various foods to see which will whet my appetite but nothing works! then i just feel hungry and disatisfied!

Me: ya!!!!!!! hahahahahahah i do that all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

My twin: the best thing to do in situations like these is to watch some food porn then you will wanna eat whatever was on tv

Me: muahahahahaahhahaahahahahaha. you are so right, you know!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i watch those food programmes while eating dinner, suddenly my food will seem not appetising at all! and i want to eat what's on screen!

My twin: ya!!! discovery travel and living has these programmes where one whole episode is devoted to one food, like the best steak in US or the best pizza and then all i want is steak and pizza!!!!

Me: ya!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

Foodies united!

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