Monday, December 07, 2009

After I read Ms Crummb's post about her luscious Earl Grey Pound Cake, I begged for a taste of it, so she gave me a loaf last week, which I took home and had for breakfast the next day.

After I ate one slice, I licked up the crumbs on the plate.

The cake had a delectable fragrance of Earl Grey, and was, in fact, speckled with bits of the tea leaf, which not only explained the aroma, but also gave the confection an intriguing texture. It had just enough butter to scream "decadent" (but not hedonistic, mind you). And don't forget the secret ingredient, which, alas, looks set to remain secret. But you just have to know, whatever that magic potion is, it makes the cake mind-blowingly moist despite the fact that it had been refrigerated overnight.

I could have told the Resident Bureaucrat the cake sucked and kept it all to myself, but being the extremely nice person I was, I made him have a slice instead. While I had another one myself. What, I couldn't leave him eating alone, could I?

By the next day, there were only two slices left for the both of us. Two slices cut unevenly, one slightly bigger than the other.

As I eyed the two pieces with a greed that was teetering on the edge of lust, I hoped that the Resident Bureaucrat will do his usual thing of insisting that I take the bigger portion.

He did, and I, struck by a bout of gluttony-induced loss of decorum, didn't even try to demur out of faked politeness. I grabbed the bigger piece and gobbled it up before he could change his mind.

Good cake does this to you.

Afternote: Just when I was wondering where my next Earl Grey Pound Cake fix was going to come from, Ms Crummb informed me that she will be open for business from the second half of next year! Hooray for my taste buds! Watch here for details!


crummb said...

all i'm going to say is - I LOVE YOU!! ;)
thanks for the publicity. another cake coming your way soon.

Anonymous said...


This is totally unrelated to your post. But I am just wondering what camera do you use for your pic?



PS. I totally love Crummb, I have ordered a B'day cake for my hubby once too!

peanut butter wolf said...

Crummb: Caaaaake!

Jac: I use a Canon 400D =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear ;)