Tuesday, November 03, 2009

While concurrently following a Channel 55 Hong Kong drama serial, Moonlight Resonance aka 家好月元, and Heart Of Greed aka 溏心风暴 which was showing on Channel 8 at the same time slot (we taped it), the Resident Bureaucrat and I had this conversation:

Me (pointing to man on screen): This Guan Jia Gong. What's his name in 溏心风暴?

Him: Alfred.

Me: Ah yes, Alfred! And his girlfriend leh?

Him: Chang Zai Xin.

Me: Oh ya, and now she's Yu Su Qiu in 家好月元. Haha, and now they're together again in this show.

Him (pointing to woman on screen): This woman, is she Shui Bai Bai in 溏心风暴?

Me: No, this one not her. Shui Bai Bai was Madam, aka Xiao Rou in Forensic Heroes.

Him: I thought this one is Shui Bai Bai.

Me: Haiyah, this one is another person lah. (Pointing to another woman on screen) Then this Xiao Yue is Ah Hua, you know in the PTS show last time. She's Jackie in 溏心风暴. The married model, you know?

Him: Ya okay. What PTS show?

Me: You know, Li Sir! And got Zhong Liwen and Li Boqiao! Li Boqiao is Li Sir's son! Oh ya and this Hong Jie in 家好月元 is Zhong Liwen's mother in the PTS show!

Him: Can't remember lah.

Me: (Pointing to man on screen) Jiao Jiao!

Him: Who's Jiao Jiao?

Me: That guy who fooled around with Jackie in Tang Xin Feng Bao!

Him: Can't recognise leh.

Me: Look carefully! There, look, he's this doctor lor, Zhi Xin! He's Jiao Jiao in 溏心风暴! How come you're so lousy one. How come I can keep track of all the characters of the show, you can't?

Him: Who can watch as much TV as you?


Midori said...

Hey, I know Madam, aka Xiaorou, from Forensic Heroes! And you must also watch the new Japanese drama on Channel U on Saturday at 6pm - something about an Ideal Robot Boyfriend 101! It's v good.

I watch a lot of tv now that I can't go out...

peanut butter wolf said...

I watch a lot of TV too, even when working full time! haha.

ok will watch robot boyfriend!