Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm back at it again, culling ridiculous letters from the online forum of a local newspaper. Check out today's offering:

Fire and the danger of having multiple locks
MOST homes are heavily secured with multiple locks. As in the case of the Balestier fire ('Maid rescued from burning flat', Sunday), most people panic, cannot find their keys in the dark and find it difficult to get out.

Blocking or padlocking an exit door of a public facility will surely attract a penalty from the authorities as it will hinder escape in the event of fire. Yet in many homes, the main door, which is the only exit, is secured with multiple locks.

If there is a blackout in a flat due to a fire, anyone trapped inside will first have to locate the keys in the dark, then fiddle through the bunch to find the first one and insert it in the keyhole. This is followed by the other keys. By then, the person may be unconscious or suffocated by smoke.

We should not rely on multiple locks that may prevent us from getting out alive in the event of a fire. If one invests in a good quality lever door lock, one may need no other lock or padlock.

I hope the authorities will look into the real danger of homes heavily secured with multiple locks.

Name withheld


That's right! The authorities should form a government committee to look into this! Institute laws to ban people from locking their front doors if need be. Think of the countless lives saved if your house catches fire, which, as we know, is so common, it's almost like an everyday occurence.

L says: "Everything also want the government to do for you. Do you want the government to clean your backside for you too?"

That's a brilliant idea too! The government should form a task force to look into that! After all, it's our privilege as mindless, unthinking citizens to call upon the government for help for anything! Tis good to be a citizen here.

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