Thursday, October 22, 2009

Someone pointed out to me a Danish website about a Christmas fair, whose text was translated into English by Google.

Hidden among the gibberish of translated text was this sentence: Elves really hump this year. At one point they even had to shorten their nap a few hours to get everything.

And the subhead for this paragraph was: Behind Santa Claus stands elves.

Oh those naughty elves. And Santa, you really should know better at your age...

And then after I read those naughty sentences, everything in the text seemed to be brimming over with innuendoes, even if none was to be found.

Sentences such as: The elves actually managed to make the rest of the garden even more adventurous. It is the elves who make things happen at Christmas. Everyone knows that. Why do you now that if there sits an elf in Tivoli and hang around with your head, so it is not because it's bored, but because it takes a well deserved nap.

I truly have a gutter mind.

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