Friday, October 02, 2009

A random conversation:

Me: Dem, I have to go for office fire drill.
L: You are pregnant, you don't have to go wat.
Me: You think pregnant women are fireproof izzit??

In a related incident, after a successful office fire drill, staff received this mail from the security manager:

On behalf of the Fire Safety Committee, I must thank all staff for the fine efforts in response to the fire drill held this morning.

To all the Fire Wardens, thank you too for doing a wonderful job.

In the after-actions report, the committee members were pleased that the fire drill was successfully carried out. The SCDF officers from the fire station commented too that the drill was very well executed though they did noticed that some staff were already at the Main Lobby before the alarm bells rang. Due to the full cooperation from everyone, we were able to complete the entire drill in about 20 minutes.

The last person to leave the building proper was 7 minutes after the alarm had started ringing continuously, compared to 7.5 minutes last year. This is a commendable achievement !
Once again, "Thank You" to all staff for making today’s fire drill, a success !

Cheers !

Security & Safety Manager


Yay!!!!!!! Half a minute shaved off! None of us will turn into BBQ fare!

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