Thursday, October 08, 2009

I went swimming with the Resident Bureaucrat one night, and whenever we swam past each other, he would shout "Baby!" at me, very loudly, just to annoy me.

Picture this scene: A man stripped down to his swim trunks shouting "baby!" at a passing woman, who is, by the way, so submerged in the water, no one can see she's pregnant.

What does that look like? Like he's a horrible lecher and I, a victim of sexual harassment, that's what. This is so not good for either of our reputations.

Speaking of sexual harrassment, the Resident Bureaucrat had a narrow escape at the pool last week when he went to take a shower after his swim.

He had hung his clothes and toiletries on the clothes hook right outside his cubicle and after he soaped, he stepped out to get his shampoo when he noticed that someone was occupying the stall right next to his. That person had also disturbed his belongings, causing them to drop to the bench below.

He realised that the entire bathroom was empty save for him and that other person, and began to feel a little suspicious about that person's choice of cubicles right next to his. But he carried on with his shower, when suddenly, a hand slid under the partition dividing the two cubicles, and beckoned slowly and deliberately, palm up, to the Resident Bureaucrat.

Alarmed, he pressed himself against the opposite wall of the cubicle.

When the hand could not elicit a response from him, it retreated, and a pair of legs took its place, sliding menacingly towards the Resident Bureaucrat from under the partition. (For the legs to be sliding that way, that person must have been seated on the ground on the other side.)

This made the Resident Bureaucrat really annoyed, so he shouted loudly at the pair of legs, which hurriedly retracted along with a muttered "sorry sorry!" from next door. Not content with just shouting at the legs however, the Resident Bureaucrat stepped out of the shower stall to see who the legs belonged to, and he came face to face with a pale bespectacled young man who couldn't have been more than 20 and who apparently wasn't in possession of very good taste.

Luckily for the young man, the Resident Bureaucrat is a pacifist, and so he got away unscathed.

Nonetheless, I blame this on the Resident Bureaucrat's bad habit of taking very long showers - both at home and at the swimming pool. He claims he likes to take things leisurely, but I think he is really secretly doing facials in there. Anyway, maybe this might teach him not to linger too long in the bathroom next time.


Suan said...

why does he shout baby?
i would be so freaked out in that shower stall.

peanut butter wolf said...

Hee, he does it just to disturb me!

Midori said...