Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ever since he went to Club Med almost two years ago, the Resident Bureaucrat has been hankering to go back. Whenever Club Med mails us brochures or special offers, he will cling on to them lovingly. That day, we received another mailer, which he read, and then deliberately left where I could see it. When I ignored it, he said: "Don't you want to read it?"

So I told him: "Whole day want to go Club Med. Lu eh tou lah, got baby coming in January, want to go what go!"

He replied that Club Med has got an Infant Club to which I retorted: "Infant Club your si lang tou lah."

Speaking of which, I think it's time we cleaned up our speech. No more saying things such as "your si lang tou", "you think this is your grandfather's (fill in the blanks)" or "把你打死".
I have to also stop calling a feckless former boss "the f*ckwit".

I must stress that the Resident Bureaucrat utters a fair bit of uncivilities too, but to protect his reputation, this is as much as I will reveal.

That day, when we were having another of our mini squabbles, I saw him open his mouth to say something unpalatable again, when I reminded him that the baby can now hear what we say.

He opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again, searching for something nicer to say.

When he was unable to find the words, he decided to settle for "have a nice day."

I think we are doomed. It's going to be such an uphill battle.

Maybe if we whispered, the baby won't hear.


suan said...

i think you shd write them on paper then pick up the ones you want to say

Midori said...

haha. just swear la. they won't understand until a few months old.