Monday, September 14, 2009

The stupid Asian tourist resurfaced on a trip to Lake Konigsee in Berchtesgaden, armed with her trusty fold-up umbrella, which won quite a few smiles of bemusement from the other ang moh tourists there. (It is also possible that they thought they thought they were being baited on Candid Camera.)

But in my defence, the sun was heatstroke-inducing that day. Those ang mohs were probably not used to the idea of an umbrella being used as a sunshade, but what the hell, they probably don't live in a country where the sun is a killer all year round and shade is a luxury.

At Lake Konigsee, the cleanest lake in Germany, you could take a cruise around it and get off at two islands - St Barthaloma, and Salet Alm.

St Bartholoma.

Outdoor beer garden/restaurant on St Bartholoma which serves fish freshly caught from the lake. The stupid Asian tourist sat indoors (but of course) surrounded by empty tables - everyone else was outdoors basking in the heat.

Ducks at St Bartholoma.

Salet Alm, the other island, was less developed and consisted of a gorgeous lake Obersee which you had to hike 15 minutes under the blazing sun to reach. Which was when the umbrella came out. Did I mention that while all the other ang mohs were appropriately dressed in hiking shoes and gear, the stupid Asian tourist was in a flouncy dress complete with pretty shoes?

Lake Obersee.

An alpine cafe on Salet Alms.

Little girl who looks like she's got the weight of the world on her shoulders.

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