Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Berchtesgaden photos:

Raindrops on the window and of our rented car.

Reflection of the hotel we stayed at.

Our hotel, with an almost unnaturally pretty sky that day.

Plants and fruit on sale at shops in the town centre.

We also spotted many of these small stalls around the Bavaria selling pumpkins, squashes and gourds of all kinds. Suaku Singaporean, had to get out and take photos because never see before.

Near the Berchtesgaden town centre is a 500-year-old underground salt mine which you can visit. First, you don a miner's overall, then ride a train deep underground, where you slide down this very steep wooden slide to even deeper underground. I was determined to slide down, pregnant or not, but when I saw how steep it was, I lost all my guts and decided to take the stairs instead. I'm too young to die.

This photo shows a salt lake in an underground cavern. This man-made lake was created by pumping in water underground to dissolve the salt, and then pumping the salt water out to harvest the mineral. The water in this salt lake was so calm, so glassy, what you are seeing in the water is actually a reflection of the cave roof.

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