Thursday, August 27, 2009

While holding an ad hoc book sale at work to clear off my old books, I received the weirdest email queries from would-be customers.

"Are the books $5 each or are they $5 for all?"
I've got about 50 books on the list. Sure, take the lot for $5. I love doing charity.

"Are the books second hand?"
No, I"m a first-hand books importer, and I'm selling you this bunch of brand new books for only $5 each. Cheaper than warehouse sale even!

"Can you hold the books for me? I'll come and collect them in two weeks."
Sorry, but my fly-by-night shop may not be around in two weeks' time.

"I want this, this, this and this book. Can you make me an offer?"
I'll give you my first born son if you promise to take these books off my hands. I'll also throw in my husband.

"Where did you get all these books from?"
Shoplifted lor.

I think customer service may not be my calling.

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