Monday, August 10, 2009

The Resident Bureaucrat got all hot and bothered one day when he realised that he had a backlog of a month's worth of newspapers that he been too busy to read, and they were all stacking up and collecting dust by his bedside.

When I asked him to accompany me to Kinokuniya, he took along a whole stack of past newspapers which he said he would read while waiting for me to browse.

I told him he was mad, but he said he felt bad because he "owed the reading of the papers".

"Who do you owe it to read the papers?" I asked.

"SPH," he said.

It's ok, SPH forgives you, dear child, SPH forgives you. As long as you continue your newspaper subscription to ensure that the minions working there get paid.

Note: After reading my post, the Resident Bureaucrat said I had a WISHB. He said he felt he owed it to the writers and subs working in the Straits Times for all the hard work they put into producing the papers, hence he felt morally obligated to read it. Okay, if you feel this explanation takes your insanity down by one notch...

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