Friday, April 17, 2009

A while ago, the Resident Bureaucrat was invited to write a few lines of praise for a soon-to-be-published book on public design. He didn't like writing, so he outsourced the task to me and made me write it with his input.

Because I cannot write simply, and because I wanted to make the Resident Bureaucrat appear (the word being 'appear') scholarly and intellectual, I wrote this:

"A highly readable tome which also engages intellectually with its well thought through concepts. This illustrative book is a must-have companion guide for all design planners who want to explore beyond the conventional in terms of the creative use of space. Indeed, everyone in this field will benefit from a reading."

After the book was published, he took it home to show it to me. The first few pages of the book was filled with comments from other people, comments such as "this is an insanely good book. Go guys go!" and "I read this all the way to work on the bus" and "after I opened it, I couldn't stop reading it".

And then, buried among those comments riddled with levity was the Resident Bureaucrat's very seriously worded one, which was followed by his name and occupation.

That comment made the Resident Bureaucrat look like a bit of a prat. Not only that, it also did not help the stereotype of the straight-laced civil servant very well at all, I fear.

The poor Resident Bureaucrat, to have his name smeared by me, even if inadvertently. Such is his bad luck to have a spokesperson like this. Tralala.

(As you can tell, I am not remorseful.)

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