Sunday, March 22, 2009

My appetite did find its way back early Saturday morning (where we were ordered to assemble at 6.30am by our nazi mini bus driver uncle). And so, off on our gastronomic food trip to Melaka we go!

So fervent was our hunger for good food, we skipped our breakfast in Johor and sped all the way to Melaka. And even before we reached there, my twin had started giving our uncle bus driver instructions to our first stop, which was...

Pit stop #1: Pin Pin Hiong for oyster mee suah and oyster omelette.

Not the typical starchy oyster omelette found in Singapore, this one tasted like an omelette with oysters.

And this was very nice t00.

Pin Pin Hiong - the coffeeshop in the Jonker area with the yellow shutters. It is directly opposite the Orang Utan house with the huge orang utan painted on the side of the double storey shophouse. Address: 786 Lorong Hang Jebat.

Pitstop #2: Bibik House in the Jonker area (129 Jalan Hang Jebat) for chendol. Every table has a pot of gula melaka on it and you can load up as much as you want. Rather than drizzle it into our bowl, we added it directly to our spoon - it packed a better punch that way. (It's not as sweet as you think it would be, really.)

Heaven. (Photo stolen from Ms M.)


Pit stop #3: A satay house which also serves intestine and liver satay. We almost couldn't find this place because it had just moved to a new location, but luckily for us, our uncle bus driver knew what we were talking about even though all we could tell him was "uncle, we want to go to the satay place that serves intestines".

The moment you sit down, big smoking bowls of hot satay gravy and baskets of ketupat, cucumbers and onions are served up. Besides intestines and liver (which actually tasted rather normal), the regular satay was interesting too; it was crispy and the satay gravy carried an interesting and unusual sour tinge.

This satay place is called Xin Mei Xiang and is opposite the pirate ship.

Pit stop #4: Baba Low. My twin, who had insider food recommendations (but without the precise addresses), described this as a shed under a big tree from where delicious food emerges. Again, we found this place by telling the uncle bus driver to "go down Jalan Tengkera, pass the MGS, pass the mosque and turn right into a place with a big tree".

The shed from where delicious food emerges.

Yes, we ate everything listed here.

Big fat fly, no doubt fattened on the food here.

Self explanatory.

Very good kueh pie tee.

Best nyonya laksa ever. The initial plan was to share one bowl of laksa among the eight of us, but it tasted so good, we on the right side of the table wouldn't let the bowl go over to the other side, so the people on the other side had to order another bowl for themselves.

Mee siam and nasi lemak.

(Baba Low turns out to be at Jalan Siantan, which intersects with Jalan Tengkera.)

Pit stop #5: Kuih Keria
My twin and I had read from another food blog about the most delicious sweet potato doughnuts called kuih keria which were being sold by a roadside stall in Melaka. She threatened to throw the mother of all tantrums if we didn't get to eat that (and I backed her on that). So kuih keria it was.

Unfortunately, the directions given on the blog to the stall weren't clear, and our bus driver uncle, for once, had no idea which kuih keria stall we were talking about. So we made him drive up the road while people sitting on the left side looked out for the stall on the left, and people sitting on the right side looked out for the stall on the right. Then when we came to the end of the road, we made him do a U turn and drive down the road again while people sitting on the right looked out for the stall on the right, and people on the left looked out for the stall on the left.

But no luck. We were on the brink of giving up, when suddenly Ms M let out a yell because she had finally spotted the stall. In a babble of high shrieks and excited voices, we made the uncle bus driver jam brake and park by the roadside. Then we spilled out of the bus and made a beeline for the stall, all the while letting fly congratulatory messages to Ms M about her eagle-eyed-ness.

Ms M, the eagle-eyed sub who can probably spot a bolded fullstop from a moving van. (The name of the stall is Kuih Keria Antarabangsa. Antarabangsa means "international". See, this stall must be famous.)

Making kuih keria.

Deep frying the kuih keria over a huge wood fire.

Melting the gula melaka which is used to coat the kuih keria.

The holy grail. I cannot describe how nice it is, except that I hallucinated a little when I bit into its very fragrant gula melaka outer shell and hit the soft and creamy sweet potato filling.

(The international kueh keria stall is at the junction of Jalan Tengkera and Lorong Sidar Bakar Said.)

Pit stop #6: Local's pasar malam behind Jonker Street.

My twin, on the recommendation of her insider, took us to a local pasar malam behind the very touristed Jonker Walk. At the pasar malam, we feasted again, of course. Here: Ramly burger - heart attack on a bun.

Carrot cake, or fried lor bak.


Pit stop #7: Jonker Walk pasar malam

Drawn in by a woman shouting "seven for RM3!", I couldn't resist buying the dimsum which came in all sorts of colours and toppings.


Pit stop #8: Makko nyonya restaurant.

We were so desperate to eat here, we endured a half hour wait outside the restaurant, sitting in the dark on stone benches placed by the roadside. When our food came, we sucked up the curry chicken, ayam buah keluak, ladies fingers in sambal, chilli ikan goreng, sotong goreng and a side dish of cincalok + dessert of gula melaka sago in no time flat. No time to take photo.

And then finally, we were full, by which time, the day was over, so we went back to our hotel and had dreams of food all night. (Yes, this post details a food adventure that took place in one day.)

(Makko is at 123 Taman Melaka Raya.)

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