Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It all started with this invitation from Master Wu Gui:

The Suakus Go To Kusu!

The sun, the sand, the sea and slow-moving tortoises!

It's going to be an all-day affair with lots of photo taking, lots of picnic food (sotong balls!) and lots of fun. Sunburns included, free of charge.

We're planning to meet at 10am at Marina South Pier to look for a bumboat to hire for the day (apparently the bumboat uncles are all hanging around there). We can amble around St John's first, then go to Sisters Islands, before moving on to hide in the shade for a picnic at Kusu.

Those of us with low karma quotients can also attempt to remedy that by releasing a turtle there. Or at least some cockles.

Bring your entire family and invite anyone you want, ok? Be a Kusu Kiasu and RSVP now!

A second notice from Master Wu Gui came soon after:
Please start doing the non-rain dance and think sunny thoughts, as J has looked into her crystal ball and seen that there is a 70% chance of rain at 2pm on sunday. but do not despair, that means there is 30% chance of good weather! just in case, please bring umbrellas/raincoats/plastic bags. also, don't forget mosquito repellant and sunscreen. yes, master wu gui is actually your mother, but with a hard shell.

This event got me excited weeks before it even took place. Happiness is an excursion! The more rural, the better!


This is the bumboat we hired to take us first to Sisters' Island, then to Kusu. It seats 12 and costs $200 for 10.30am to 4pm, which is not bad at all. Everytime I look at this picture, I feel myself bobbing up and down in my seat.

Low stool on the boat.

Days before the actual outing, I had already dug out my picnic basket from my storeroom. I had bought it for $8 at the Salvation Army but never got the chance to use it, so I die die also must bring it today. Never mind that the only things I could fit inside this picnic basket today are 4 packs of milo, one packet of Mamee, one stick of chocolate candy and a wallet.

The turtle buns that Master Wu Gui had bought for the occasion were so cute, I had to shoot them. ("The turtles look like they're trying to escape from the basket!" says Master Wu Gui.)

Photoshoot over, the Resident Bureaucrat proceeded to tear the turtle apart. Doesn't bode well for his karma.

This signboard was seen at Big Sister's Island. The short story of the two islands was ripped apart by the writers and the subs among us. "Who was the elder sister? What else did the widowed mother do for a living besides being a widow? How old was she? How old were the sisters? And what is a fury storm? Who subbed this story???"

One of the lovely little beaches at Big Sisters' Island - there were about three or four such small little coves. We had our picnic lunch here.

Pretty Autumn In My Heart leaves on Sisters' Island. Can't remember whether this is on Lina Island or Minah Island though.

This is a boat that is blocking our bumboat and preventing us from docking at small Sisters' Island, so we had to climb onto this boat from our boat and hop onto the pier from there. Me thinks the people on this boat deliberately refused to move it just so that they could see us shriek in fright as we jumped from bobbing ship to bobbing ship to bobbing pier.

Dua Pek Kong Temple on Kusu Island.

Poor toothles lion at the Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Incense sticks.

The kramat on Kusu.

Master Wu Gui and her minions were building a sand moat on the beach on Kusu complete with two turtle statues perched on the top of their fortress when they saw these two transparent jelly-like thingies. We had no idea what they were. Ideas tossed up included silicon breast implants, dental inserts and shoe inserts.

It eventually rained on our way home.

I'm putting up this photo because I love rainy days. Except when I am going on a Kusu Kaper. But rain on the way back is fine.

After the trip, Master Wu Gui took an informal survey and found out that a lot of us were so tired, we went to bed at 10pm. Which is the sign of a Very Good Outing.

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