Sunday, March 15, 2009

During a quick lunch trip to Golden Mile Complex, I saw these cute waxy-looking miniature fruit and vegetables being sold at a dessert stall. I was not sure these plastic looking thingies could be eaten but I was assured they were edible.

I don't know what the plastic-y outside was made of (not candle wax I hope), but the inside, which was stuffed with green bean paste, didn't taste too bad.

When I showed them to the Resident Bureaucrat, he demonstrated only mild interest in them. Then I bit into one of them and showed him the green bean filling inside, to which he exclaimed: "You mean these are not real fruit??"

If real fruit and vegetable came looking like they were made of PVC, I'd be very worried.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this in Bangkok. There's a huge variety and the packaging's really pretty! Never knew it's available in Singapore.

peanut butter wolf said...

ooh sounds nice! i'm a sucker for pretty things!!

suan said...

i think last time it used to be only the royal family that could have such desserts.. so i was told