Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today, the bird-braineds head out to the Bird Park.

A flamingo feather floating on a lake.

Skinny flamingo legs - and necks - fascinate me.

"Excuse me, has you seens my mommy?"

All those scarlet things on the tree are not flowers; they are birds. So pretty! (The birds that is, not my photography.)

Then we made our way to the penguin enclosure. Next to pandas, I love penguins the most, especially these king penguins. I was going to say they looked regal, but on second thoughts, I think they look more snobbish than regal. They remind me of a maitre'd in an expensive French restaurant turning up his nose at me when I decline to order wine. (What? I don't like wine, can?)

I am not sure why, but I found this scene - of three extremely stuffy-looking penguins and one in the middle lying down like a drunk - very funny. Slum penguin.

That one lying on its stomach - that is what I always feel like doing after lunch at work.

These penguins were totally motionless.

This is a photo of the same scene taken much later. The penguins haven't moved, not the one on the left with its nose beak pointed right up in the air. Nor the one in the middle looking like it's in the middle of skulking somewhere. Not even the one on the right with what looks like its head folded in half.

I think I can be a penguin too. I have the ability to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours.

This grouchy penguin (name: Pinky) was let out for a meet-and-greet session. Here, it is poised to bite the Resident Bureaucrat. A split second after this photo was taken, it had the Resident Bureaucrat's finger in its beak. (Pinky the Penguin also pecked me minutes before. I guess we could take this to mean it didn't like us.)

After it failed in its attempt to peck us to death, Pinky the Penguin tried to make a quick getaway.

For something with legs as short as that, it moved surprisingly fast. It also pooped twice on the floor while rapidly waddling off. (Although pooping is putting it mildly. It was more like shooting liquid projectile, with the appropriate accompanying sound effects. The Resident Bureaucrat said it was a good thing I wasn't behind the penguin at that moment. But I pointed out that anyone who got that close to a penguin's behind deserved to get squirted on.)

The fugitive.

"Do you think that imbecile with the camera will go away and leave us alone, Dodsworth?"
"We can only hope, old chap, we can only hope."

"Now who's a handsome chap?"

"I'm flying! I'm flying!"

"Okay, now it's my turn to be the pilot."

"My word, Dodsworth, she's still looking at us."
"I am afeared she's never going to go away, old chap."


"Oooooooooops! Dem rocks are slippery!"

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Midori said...

So cute! I love Dodsworth.