Monday, February 02, 2009

Then, we headed for a prata shop at nearby Jalan Kayu, where we ate back all the calories that got sucked out of us by the hundreds of mosquitoes at the kampong.

I love this prata shop's immodesty.

This is my twin's milo dinosaur. She managed, in the nick of the time, to stop the Indian uncle from putting strawberry sauce over it. Strawberry sauce over milo dinosaur is so wrong. It's like putting ice cream in prata. Oh wait, it has been done - this shop serves ice cream prata too. So sacrilegious.

We walked past a sign shop on our way to the prata place, and saw this:

The Resident Bureaucrat, who is, as a matter of fact, pure of heart and pure of mind, says he can't see what's wrong with this sign but those of us with a gutter mind found this truly amusing.

My twin shrieked when she saw this sign; she said it looks like the body is disembodied. I agree with her, and I think when you have just been disembodied, getting first aid may be the least of your concerns. Getting to an undertaker may be the more important.

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