Monday, February 02, 2009

Spurred on by a The New Paper report on how Kampong Buangkok was finally going to be demolished soon, me, my twin, Ms X and the Resident Bureaucrat went to check out it out.

After several false starts (we couldn't find the entrance to the kampung), we finally discovered the way in and stumbled on what I assume is a Channel 5 crew filming a what looked like a Growing Up type of drama, where boys dressed in old skool school uniforms stood outside some kampong houses and shouted "Leave me alone! Take my fish if you want!" over and over again.

We were very kaypoh and wanted to watch the filming, but were told that where we were standing, we would get caught on screen too and being naturally shy, we declined our 15 minutes of fame and retreated to do what we came to do, which is take photos.

The entrance to the kampong. There is only one way to go in - through Jalan Gerald - and not through Buangkok - as its name suggests.

A huge palm leaf.

The gateway to civilisation. (Okay, this is technically not true, but I am allowed to take creative licence with my captions, aren't I?)

A house.

The Straits Times' biggest fan.

I find it very funny to see the Mas Selamat poster above the two little ang gong kia.

A weathered bench.

Water in the canal next to the kampong.

A star on the floor.

Like my twin said, we saw only three residents of the kampong and no one was karaoke-ing.

The dirt-track leading up to this house was studded with thousands of clam shells, big and small. This family must love seafood, I thought, until I saw the two fishing nets hanging outside the house, which explained it all.

An old woman and her cat, Ayu.

By the time we were done, we finally heard the crew change scenes after almost two hours of "leave me alone! Take my fish if you want!".

It was going to be a fighting scene next, said my twin. "Maybe they didn't want his fish," she added. I think so too.

As we left the kampong, we heard the grunts of tussling, and shouts of "ow" behind us. I bet it really hurts. Not easy hor, acting.

When I went home and downloaded my photos, I was pretty happy with them until I went to Flickr and found that everyone and their friend had taken exactly the same things as me. The signpost that pointed to Kampong Buangkok, the No. 7 letter box etc etc. And from the same angles somemore.

Well, great minds think alike. It's either that, or fools don't differ.

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