Sunday, February 08, 2009

We were at the Sentosa Flowers Show 2009 where we saw this 3-metre tall display of white fibreglass flowers with blue leaves.

There was a group of tourists there too. When one of them saw this, he shouted excitedly to his friends: "Hey! These flowers are fake!", like he just made a startling discovery.

I don't know where this visitor came from, but I wonder what kind of plants grow in his country to make him think the 3-m tall flowers with blue leaves could even remotely be real.

And this. We saw this at the flower show too. Kneeling in the middle of a flower bed was this larger than life psychotic figurine with crazy matted hair, one hand broken off at the wrist and an arm broken off above the elbow. There was also a baby doll thrown carelessly next to it. It looked like the scene of a gruesome murder. Murder in the flower patch, the headlines will scream. Charming.

This goofy dolt-ish looking fish, the mascot of Songs of the Sea at Sentosa, looks so gong dai dai, I had to take a photo of it. What's worse than one goofy dolt-ish looking fish?

A whole brood of doltish looking fish.

And what I saw at HMV later on:

Um, yes, of course.

Other random pictures:


And reflection of the chandeliers on my lens.

Something or other.

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