Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shaggy dog tale

The Resident Bureaucrat's hair was getting long, but he couldn't squeeze out the time to go to the barber. Eager to try my hand at hairdressing, I offered to give him a quick snip at home. Never mind that I am totally unskilled and that I can't cut a piece of paper in a straight line even when the line has been drawn for me.

Initially, he refused to let me touch his hair, but he caved in when he realised his hair was getting too unkempt. That, and the realisation that he would have to fork out a lot of money here for a job that his Malay barber in Singapore could do for $10.

So, I sat him down in front of the TV with Miss Congeniality to distract him while I snipped away with a pair of Ikea scissors and a plastic comb filched from a plane.

Proceeding very cautiously, I managed not to make a mess out of it, until I realised that one side of his hair was longer than the other side. I tried to even it up by snipping hair off from the longer side. But as it turns out, cutting hair is not as easy at it looks, and I accidentally lopped off one chunk of hair at a very strange angle.

While looking in the mirror afterwards, he complained that one side of his head looked like it had an indent. (But he grumbled only softly, because you never offend a person wielding a pair of scissors.)

I tried to smooth away my mistake by reassuring him that he looked fine. I mean, what does a guy need to look so good for anyway? Want to seduce girls izzit??

Okay, but really, it really wasn't too bad if you didn't look closely.

Nonetheless, he was not a satisfied customer; every morning after the big hair disaster, he would stand in front of the mirror and comb his hair this way and that in an attempt to conceal the so-called indent.

However, a few days ago, the Resident Bureaucrat suddenly realised his haircut wasn't so bad after all. This is because two of his classmates, who went to proper, licensed hairdressers, returned with cuts worse than his. And to add insult to injury, the cuts cost a lot of money, not including tips.

At least he didn't have to tip the hairstylist. Hey, don't knock it if it's free.

PS. His hair has since grown back.

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