Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Key West

Since we couldn't go a-cruisin', we went and booked a day trip to Key West, an island four hours away from Miami.

The old town at Key West is filled with very old buildings, which have been converted into guesthouses and shops. That, plus the tropical palms, the sun and the many many seafood restaurants around gave the whole place a very Caribbean-y holiday-ey feel.

This guy owns a shop which sells foodstuff made from key lime (that's just normal lime to us Singaporeans, but to the ang mohs, key lime is very exotic). Key lime pie is a must-try in Key West, and this shop even sells its key lime pies on ice cream sticks so you could walk and eat at the same time. Very yummy.

For some reason, chickens rule Key West. You see lots and lots of them strutting around the roads, the pavements, anywhere. Check this out: A chicken safehouse and hospital, where injured fowl get fixed up. I forgot to check whether the restaurants in Key West have chicken on their menus.

Here we are, sampling conch fritters. Key West is also known as the Conch Republic, so go there die-die also must try some conch. How can miss out, right!

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