Friday, March 30, 2007

Death becomes him

This week is the start of what the Resident Bureaucrat's lecturer called "Death Week". Starting from now until the end of the term, there are loads of projects to be completed, a thesis to be handed in and weekly exams culminating with the final exams in May.

The past few nights, he's been staying up till 2 or 3am studying for his exams, then waking up at 7.30am for class.

The moment he comes home from school, he's in the room, studying, re-emerging only at dinnertime, and then burrowing right back into his books after eating. Sometimes, while eating, he will continue to work on his projects on the laptop.

Last night, he asked me to cook salmon for dinner instead of bak kut teh because "it's faster to eat salmon", so that he could get back to his books earlier.

Surely this insanity can't go on for much longer.

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