Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In Chinaah...

Chinese food in Atlanta (and for the rest of the US, I suspect) is all about fortune cookies, egg rolls and sweet and sour anything. Just as stereotyped are the Chinese restaurant names. Besides a proliferation of the usual Chan and Chin Chin Restaurants, there are also restaurant names with a more interesting twist.

Atlanta is the current hot spot for panda activities, so how can restaurants not cash in? So, from that, we have eateries called:
Panda Express
Lucky Panda
Great Panda
Panda Cafeteria
Panda Kitchen
China Panda
Panda garden

What's a panda without its shoots? From which, we get:
Bamboo Express

And of course, all Chinese must be Buddhists right? How can we miss out on:
Lucky Buddha
Laughing Buddha

Smiling Buddha
Jade Buddha
Golden Buddha

What else do the Americans know about Chinese diet? The Chinese do eat a lot of rice, don't they? So, we have:
Rice King
Fried Rice King (thankfully not called Flied Lice King)

Other miscellaneous things associated with things Chinese:
Fortune Cookie Restaurant
Eggroll Corner
China Doll Restaurant
Chop Chop Chinese
Dragon Delite
Canton Chopsticks
Manchu Wok
Sunny China

And my favourite names:
Orient Express
Wok And Roll
(we just know it's a sub behind this, don't we?).

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